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New and Secure Online Registration Process

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Welcome to MVP’s brand new website, which features an all-new online registration system on an encrypted SSL server. Whether you use this function or prefer the traditional pen and paper exercise, you will find that MVP has consolidated several processes into one.

There will no longer be a need for a separate “Health and Release Form.” Just be sure you fill in the required fields on the online form, or give us the information we ask for on the paper form, and we will have all the medical information we need to make sure your camper is safely in the hands of our well-trained staff and highly qualified certified athletic trainer.

Scholarship applicants will also find an all-in-one process without the need for separate forms for enrollment and scholarship request . You can also now use the online system to submit information if you prefer that over our paper form. However, you will still be asked to mail, fax, or email documentation of income and a letter of recommendation separately and you must wait for verbal confirmation that your scholarship has been granted before any weeks can be reserved and any additional non-scholarship weeks can be paid for at our new 25% off price.

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Online Form (for both scholarship and non-scholarship applicants)
MVP 2016 Application – Nonscholarship
MVP 2016 Scholarship Application

MVP Basketball Camp’s 20th Anniversary

TentMVP Basketball Camp is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this summer and has received a proclamation from the county recognizing 5,000 scholarships granted since inception. The scholarship program has enabled children to attend the camp regardless of financial means, a dream for founder Stanley D. Greene. The camp is very popular among Westchester County residents, but many may be unaware of MVP’s ­­­­unusual history.

Stan Greene’s parents could not afford for Stan to attend summer camp when he was growing up, a fact he never forgot when he started MVP. Stan loved basketball and played on Harvard University’s Varsity team. He had a long and successful business career, then in his retirement he worked as a coach at several basketball camps. He noticed these camps were only for families who could afford to pay the tuition. This is what triggered Stan to create MVP Basketball Camp as a non-profit organization. Stan Green explained his selection of the name of the camp. “MVP usually means ‘Most Valuable Player,’ but at our camp it means ‘Most Valued Person.’ Our goal is to treat each camper as a Most Valued Person. Through the game of basketball we help to guide each camper along the passageway of life’s experience. If we can accomplish that goal, we will consider our efforts rewarded.”

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Varsity Skills Academy

For 2013, MVP Basketball Camp has announced a three day Varsity Skills Academy for 14 – 16 year old players developing a varsity-level game. The academy will include separate programs for boys and girls in this age range. For years MVP administered a similar program just for girls which was very well received, but the program ran at the same time and location as a regular MVP camp week and challenged the size of the White Plains Middle School facility. By running its varsity program July 1 – 3 this year when its programs for younger children are not in session, MVP can add a boys varsity division also with plenty of indoor court space for both.

While the final coaching rosters are not set yet, the academy will be led by MVP’s most experienced coaches, including Section 1 head coaches on both the boys and girls side, plus coaches with experience in the college ranks. Unlike a “regular” camp week at MVP, where participants are placed on a team each Monday and play games throughout the week leading up to a playoffs, the academy will features scrimmages rather than games and a stronger emphasis on teaching stations and one on one instruction.

In an effort to provide insight into whether or not this program is right for your son or daughter, our camp brochure states “JV or Varsity experience preferred but not required.”  We recognize that many children who will be 14 years old as of the start of camp are unlikely to have had the opportunity to try out for JV or Varsity yet. As a general rule of thumb, to be ready for this level of instruction younger participants should have significant experience playing organized basketball, most likely in AAU or other travel programs, and have definite plans to try out for JV or Varsity in the near future. Equally important, younger participants should be enthusiastic about the opportunity to challenge themselves against strong competition.

MVP Basketball Camp is known for fun contests, giveaways, and an awards ceremony where everyone is recognized, and these elements of a fun summer camp experience will still be there during the varsity academy. However, the emphasis will be on serious skills development.  As always, MVP will offer scholarship awards for this program if parents of deserving children can’t afford camp tuition. The result will be a relatively diverse camper population that allows the serious player to meet and compete against kids from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Staying Cool at MVP

_JH37909Here at “the coolest camp in Westchester” we are doing our best to keep the kids cool during the summer heat. MVP has purchased a misting tent and four misting fans for the outside courts, plus a Portacool Evaporative Cooling Unit for inside use. Check out this video of campers enjoying the tent: Misting Tent

All campers will be inside for a good portion of each day. Regardless of where they are playing, MVP has numerous drink stations set up all around camp that are constantly being refilled. Each station includes two coolers to keep kids hydrated all day. MVP also features many umbrellas on the sidelines of the outdoor courts to shade the kids.

Our outstanding Certified Athletic Trainer can provide sunscreen for any camper that asks. He is also on the ready with ice bags and other supplies for overheated players.

MVP welcomes Jane Haslam Photography

MVP Basketball Camp is excited to announce a new partnership this summer with Jane Haslam Photography. Jane is a specialist in sports photography and will be providing both individual and action photography at all our camps. All the images can be found online at the link below. All parents of 2012 campers should have received the password to access the albums via e-mail and handouts from camp. If you are having trouble accessing the photos please e-mail Noel Muyskens at nmuyskens@mvpbasketballcamp.org

We hope you enjoy browsing the galleries and also please note that you have the option to buy either prints or a range of digital downloads. Best of all you will be helping MVP with every purchase, no matter how small, as a percentage from every sale will be donated back to MVP Basketball Camps.

Finally if you have any queries or requests regarding the photography please contact Jane directly via her website.

Here’s to Our Coaches!

It was great meeting and getting to know the coaches at MVP Basketball camp! They have been an essential part of the camp’s success over the years. They foster such a positive and competitive environment at camp. I have only been here for four days and I can already feel the energy and camaraderie between teams.  These coaches love coming back year after year to support this wonderful cause. They even argue with each other over who has been here the longest!

Coach Ben Williams has been working with MVP for nine years. He enjoys working with children each summer and says, “The kids keep me young at heart!” He is not only a proficient basketball player but a football player as well! For all you athletes, whatever your sport is, Coach Williams says, “Continue to work hard and when your opponent is sleeping, you better be out there practicing!!”

Coach Jason Basso has been with MVP for nine years. He coaches all weeks at Bedford and White Plains. He is the commissioner for the B1 division, also known as the “Big East”. For him, as it is for many other coaches, “Basketball all day is awesome!” His advises young athletes to “Come to the court with a positive attitude; work hard, pay attention and have fun!”

Coach Tim Jenkins has been with MVP for twelve years! He is the commissioner for the B3 division, also known as “NBA East”. This year he is also Assistant Camp Director. When he’s not coaching his team, he enjoys catching up with his kids, asking about their progress during the school year.  He says, “MVP is an extended family you don’t see but once a year.” He says, “Don’t settle with one sport; sample different sports until you find two or three that you will always remain with.”

Coach Tyrone Carver has been with MVP for thirteen years! This year he is also Assistant Camp Director. He also enjoys meeting and working with children.  He was first introduced to MVP by John Nemsick, MVP’s camp director, when Nemsick was his coach at Sleepy Hollow High School! He says, “This camp provides kids with an unbelievable experience to meet other children and learn from some of the greatest coaches in the area!”

This environment is very new to me since I do not play basketball, but watching these talented coaches work with their teams is a great experience. This has already been an exciting start to my summer!

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Lending a helping hand…

MVP Basketball Camp was founded in 1994 by the late Stan Greene. Since then, MVP has assisted over 3900 economically disadvantaged children in attending summer camp! This summer we will be offering our 4,000th scholarship since our inception!

The Community Outreach Program offers a variety of different scholarships. Children can apply for a basic scholarship by sending information regarding the financial status of their family and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or counselor.

MVP has partnered with local efforts to award students with special scholarships. Due to the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy, MVP partnered with the New York City Fire Commissioner and created the MVP Firefighters Fund. This allows children with relatives who were firefighters lost on 9/11 to attend camp on a full scholarship.

Since 2005, the Hoops for Troops Program has also been very successful. Children who have relatives in the military are given the opportunity to attend camp, free of charge. Two years ago, Hoops for Troops partnered with the Wounded War Project to offer assistance to children who have relatives that were wounded during their military service.

The Stan Greene Memorial Scholarships are awarded to four children. The 1st place prize, given to one boy and one girl covers three weeks of camp at no charge. The 2nd place prize, also given to one boy and one girl, covers two weeks of camp at no charge. This award would not be possible without the generous contributions from the friends and family of Stan Greene. In order to apply for this scholarship, students must submit a report card and an essay about either his or her leadership skills or his or her community service efforts. Both subjects were very dear to Mr. Greene.

We are happy to announce that last year, 274 children were able to attend camp on a scholarship! We hope to continue reaching our youth through the love of basketball!

We look forward to another successful year! See you this summer!