Testimonials & F.A.Q.s

Q: What is the camper to counselor ratio?

A: All children are on their own team of up to ten players and have their own head coach for the entire week. Additional staff, including two Camp Directors, two Asst. Directors, five Commissioners (assigned to each age group), one Trainer, several paid support staff, and both paid and unpaid program interns, brings the ratio closer to 5:1.

Q: What should my child bring to camp?

A: Campers should wear sneakers, shorts, and any t-shirt the first day. From Tuesday on they will wear one of two team shirts that we provide. A water bottle with their name on it is a must, but any snacks or drinks are optional. Most divisions play on outdoor courts at some time during the day so sunscreen is important. Our trainer has sunscreen in the event you forget.

Q: Who are your coaches and what are their backgrounds?

A: Our coaches come back year after year and are the heart and soul of the program. Their backgrounds vary depending on the age group. Varsity coaches and professional players teach the older boys and girls, while the younger age groups often have certified PE teachers, AAU coaches, or college players that demonstrate outstanding enthusiasm as well as knowledge of the game.

Q: Does MVP provide busing?

A:  There is busing for one week from various locations included as part of our scholarship program. These locations may include Greenburgh, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and Peekskill. This schedule varies from year to year. Please call (914) 946-1231 for details.

Q: Can my camper be placed on the same team as a friend?

A: We can always keep friends in the same grade together in the same division. As far as placing campers on the same team within a division, parents of boys and girls 12 and under may make such a request by phone or email in advance of camp ONLY if they feel strongly that their child’s personality and/or confidence level requires such a request. We believe children gain more from forming new relationships than from depending on old ones.

Q: Can parents come and watch?

A: Due to Covid-19 Safety Guidelines, we cannot guarantee that spectators will be permitted at this time. In a typical summer, parents are more than welcome to come and watch games as well as attend our weekly Friday award ceremonies.

Q: Do many children attend for just one week or do they come for the whole summer?

A: At least 30% of all kids attend just one week, but a growing number take advantage of multiple week discounts and come for three or more weeks. Each Monday we start with a mix of new and returning campers and all new teams are created. New arrivals will have teammates prior to lunchtime on Monday, and their coach will lead the new team through icebreakers so they can get to know each other and form friendships.

Q: Do you have a nurse or trainer?

A: MVP has a Certified Athletic Trainer on site from 9am – 4pm daily. The trainer has special qualifications for handling all types of medical situations arising from sports activities and can hold and administer medications such as Epi Pens if we get parent authorization. Many MVP coaches also have CPR training through their certifications as teachers and/or coaches.

Q: Why MVP and not another local basketball camp?

A: MVP has size, and this helps us create narrower age groups and better competition. MVP has longevity, with more than 25 years in Westchester County. MVP has accolades, like a prestigious “Best of Westchester” award, proclamations by both White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach and Westchester County Executive Bob Astorino for its community involvement, and endorsements from former NBA stars like Knicks’ Allan Houston. MVP has diversity, with kids from the most affluent towns getting to compete against children from under-resourced communities where MVP’s scholarship program is active. But if you really want to know “why MVP?” you should ask one of the many campers who has been to numerous local basketball camps and several expensive sleep-away camps and tells his parents “I only want to go to MVP. Because it’s the most fun!”

 MVP Basketball Day Camp New York


  1. Jamie Austin says “We love MVP camp because it has a great family feel to it. Our boys loved the skills, games and speakers. Each day they came home even more excited for the next day of camp. We will continue to send our boys to this camp along with our daughter. “

  2. MVP Basketball is so much fun! The first time I came to this camp was in 2009. I’ve improved so much! I’m very excited about playing basketball also. I look forward to come to this camp every year.

  3. I wanted to thank the MVP Basketball Camp for awarding several scholarships to children in our program. The time these children spent at your camp allowed them to make new friends and indulge in an opportunity that they never would have had with out these scholarships. Thanks for brightening these childrens lives!!!!!

  4. I am most grateful to MVP for providing camp scholarships to the children at Edward Williams School. The impact that was made upon their lives was immeasurable.

  5. The coaches are tremendously helpful. For example, they taught me how to box out, shoot the ball correctly, rebound, play defense, pivot, and pass. We are all learning about something we enjoy.

  6. Your staff should be commended for putting forth the time and effort in becoming postiive role models for these boys and girls. In this day and age of professional players getting caught up in all types of negative controversy, it’s nice to have a place to go to learn the game as well as positive life values.

  7. We would like to thank you for two wonderful weeks of learning and fun at camp. This has been an amazing opportunity for Dante to develop skills. Thank you so much for honoring the families of soldiers with the Hoops for Troops Scholarship Program. My husband has been serving in Iraq for fifteen months; he was so grateful that Dante was able to have this experience.

  8. Just a quick note to express our thanks for allowing my son to have such a positive camp experience. According to him, the counselors were all very supportive and he made many friends. Each day he had stories to tell about how well he was doing and you could just see the pride gushing out of him.

  9. “I can’t thank you and your Hoops for Troops program enough for providing my children with a wonderful opportunity to attend MVP. Haille has decided to go out for basketball this year which is really big! She had tried it once before and didn’t do well, but after attending MVP her confidence has soared. Noah got some tough love from one of his coaches at the end of camp and ever since then, he has been a different kid, trying his best at everything. He keeps saying how is going to go back to MVP and show them how hard he has been working.”

  10. “While our kids love to play basketball all day, that is really just a small part of what makes MVP so great for them. They get out of the four square miles of Mount Vernon and play with kids from other parts of Westchester; kids who are having a totally different life experience. The kids who have gone to MVP wear their camp T-shirts all the time and talk about going back throughout the school year. And even without their shirts, these kids are easy to spot because going to MVP has changed them. They interact more easily with others and take instruction better.”

  11. “Thank you for selecting me for the Stan Greene Memorial Scholarship Award so I could attend more than one week on full scholarship. The camp allowed me to improve my left hand. I made new friends that were nice to me. And I won the Hot Shot Competition three weeks in a row!”

  12. Our children have attended MVP Basketball Camp in the past summers and have enjoyed the experience immensely. This is the first year that we have been recipients of the “Hoops for Troops” benefits and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to those Corporate Sponsors that made this program possible.The camp has has not only taught our children how to be better basketball players, but even more importantly, how to play with better sportsmanship.

  13. The MVP Basketball program that my son enjoyed imbued him with a confidence on the basketball court that I have never seen before this summer. I believe that same confidence will translate into the classroom.

  14. MVP’s Community Outreach Program has been providing rewarding experiences to our kids for 4 years and I am so grateful. Many of these children rarely get out of their inner city neighborhoods and come back from camp with a new perspective. MVP truly makes a difference in the lives of so many children.

  15. I was in the Co-ed Youth program for one week last year, and it was so much fun that I decided to come for three weeks this year. Now I’m playing with the older girls and I love it. The more weeks you go to MVP Basketball Camp, the more friends you make.

  16. As the mother of 2 MVP campers, I have been thoroughly impressed with the wide range of children you serve. Both as a parent and professionally, it has been a priority to develop an appreciation for understanding and appreciating human diversity. In my advisory position with the Center for Literacy at Pace University, I often use MVP as the perfect model of what we should do for the children of Westchester County.

  17. Our youngsters who attended MVP had a special experience they will never forget, one that gave a tremendous boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem. They returned from camp talking not only about basketball, but about the relationships they were building.

  18. I’m so happy that MVP’s Community Outreach Program has allowed me to send my son, Vincent, to camp the past 6 years. He has learned to work hard towards achieving a goal and has become much more patient. It is a beautiful program.

  19. The best thing about MVP is learning that each person is the best at something and putting those “somethings” together is what makes a great team. After 7 years at camp, I’ve learned that everyone should be valued for their own skills. That’s why they call it MVP, for Most Valued Person.

  20. Aside from the great coaching our 2 boys received, MVP provided a great opportunity for them to stretch their social skills in an atmosphere of respect. There was an ideal mix of competition, sportsmanship and just plain fun!

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