First time at camp: here’s what you need to know

Hoops for Troops

Whether you are attending a camp in Rye or White Plains, use this checklist to make sure you are prepared for a fun-filled week of basketball!

  • Medications: MVP’s certified athletic trainer will collect any medications every Monday morning. When you drop off your camper, please come inside to drop off the medication and sign a consent form for the trainer to administer the medication if need be.  If you do not have medication for your child, no other health documentation is necessary.
  • Sunscreen: All age groups will be outside for a portion of the day at  our White Plains camp location this summer, although no age group will be outside more than half the day and in some locations certain age groups will only be outside for short periods of time. It will be important for children to be protected when they are outside. Our trainer will have sunscreen on hand if necessary. [The Rye camp will be indoors.  Students will have an option to practice on an outdoor court during rest time.]
  • Attire: Campers should attend the first day wearing shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt. On the first Monday of each week, all campers will receive two MVP team t-shirts for wear the rest of the week.  Baseball hats are discouraged as they hinder peripheral vision.
  • Water bottle: Campers should bring a water bottle with their name on it to minimize the need for cups. Campers will have access to water stations on the sidelines of game areas. You are welcome to send other drinks and/or snacks as well if you choose.
  • Snacks: MVP provides lunch each day, but it is optional whether or not you’d like to send you camp with additional snacks. 
  • Backpacks:  Older students prefer keeping slides, water bottles, sweat towels, and phones in their own back pack.  Students should keep these bags labled with their name and within their proximity.  MVP doesn’t encourage campers bring valuables to camp; they can use the camp phone if there is an emergency.
  • Lunch Program: The plan is for this program to be the same as in past years but it is subject to change as we get closer to camp:
    • Monday: Plain or pepperoni pizza
    • Tuesday: Chicken Tenders
    • Wednesday: McDonald’s burgers
    • Thursday: Plain or pepporoni pizza
    • Friday: Italian subs, choice of ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, turkey no cheese, Just cheese (veggie lunch). Mayo and mustard on the side.
    • We’ll put out fresh fruit, too.
    • If you have allergies or do not like the lunch we provide, then please provide your own lunch.  We have refrigerators for brown bag lunches, but no microwave.
    • Gatorade will be served with lunch.
  • What not to bring:There are no lockers and MVP cannot be responsible for anything brought by the camper. This includes cell phones and other electronic devices. There is not a lot of time to play video games and we understand that it is difficult to separate a millenial from his / her phone.  We have had incidents of phones going missing, so we encourage you to consider letting our staff handle communications between you and your campers. You can call us anytime at (914) 946-1231.
  • Weather:  If it rains in White Plains, camper court time will be reduced.  But we still have organized plans to keep players active and engaged.  Campers will play basketball, just not as much as if we were using our outdoor courts.  If there is extreme heat, our trainer will determine when outside exercise is prohibited (based on heat index).  On hot, playable days, campers will rotate from our indoor courts to our outdoor courts.  Camper safety is our number one priority.  Our trainers are experienced dealing with the summer heat.
  • Code of Conduct:  We have three goals for all of our campers:  have fun, learn basketball, and stay safe.  Feeling safe and being safe depends on camper behavior.
    • Listen to coaching staff.  Our coaches are experienced and they know the rules of the camp and the rules of basketball.  They are also the referees during the games and will do their best to control the game.  If a camper refuses to listen to a coach or walks away from a coach, that camper will have a meeting with the camp director.  A penalty could be missing the first half of a game.
    • Do not leave the camp.  Campers cannot leave the campus and are limited in their movements on campus.  If a camper leaves the campus without permission during the camp day, he / she will be dismissed from the camp without a refund.  If a camper is found in an unsanctioned part of the campus (away from his team / age group), he/she will meet with the camp director and may miss an entire game.
    • Bully-free camp:  Every camper has the right to feel comfortable with who they are and how they play. MVP will not tolerate campers putting their hands on another person in a non-basketball manner.  Campers who throw punches will be dismissed from camp without a refund.  Trash talking will not be tolerated.  Campers who participate in trash talking will lose playing time.  If campers do not feel comfortable because another camper is doing or saying something, they need to report it to their coach, commissioner, or camp director.
  • Drop off and pick up:  New this year, parents will download an emailed MVP placard that they will complete with the last names of the campers in their carpool.  This should be displayed in the driver’s side front window at pick up time.  Our goal is to provide a safe and timely procedure where parents don’t have to leave the car (but they can choose to park also).  Each week, we will have anywhere from 75-125 cars picking up campers between 3:45 – 4:00.  We need parental understanding and patience for the system we have put in place.
    • Resurrection Middle School, 946 Boston Post Road, Rye, NY 10580
      • DROP OFF – Drivers should pull into the entrance and follow signage / camp personnel.  Note: after dropping off camper, car will exit to Milton Road.  Drivers can also drive to the Resurrection Two Year Old Program at 88 Milton Road, park their car and walk across the parking lot to drop off their campers.
      • PICK UP – Drivers can follow the same procedures as above.  Remember to have the MVP placard in the driver’s side window to assist us in delivering your campers to your car.
    • School of the Holy Child, 2225 Westchester Ave, Rye, NY 10580
      • DROP OFF and PICK UP – Follow MVP signage to the field house.  MVP Staff will be in the circle ready to deliver your child to your car.  If you’d like to park, follow signs to the field house parking lot.  Remember to have your placard in your car window.
    • Highlands Campus at White Plains Middle School, 128 Grandview, White Plains, NY 10605 –  NOTE:  This address will take you to the front of the school and a parking lot where you can park your car.  The camp entrance is in the back of the school.
      • DROP OFF and PICK UP – School bus and staff entrance across from 5 Hartsdale Road, White Plains.  There will be MVP signage to highlight the entrance.  Use this entrance to drop off and pick up.  Be patient as there may be a line forming.  If so, patiently fall into line (especially at pick up).  Have the MVP placard in the window of your car.  Some drivers prefer lining up at 3:30 for pick ups.  We will try to start the cars moving by 3:40.  If you pick up at 3:59, you are not late.  Don’t let your kids bully you!  It does take time to safely dismiss 200 campers.

We are glad that you chose to send your child to our camp and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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