MVP Summer Staff

The success of the camp really falls on the people who are working with the campers day in and out.  They make the biggest difference in the camp experience.  Each week we have between 18 and 22 coaches working with our campers.  They are comprised of college and high school coaches / teachers; college players / students; and a few recent high school graduates.  Over half of these coaches have been with the camp for longer than ten years.  We have eight staff members who were campers in their youth.  They are here because they LOVE the camp and what it stands for!

Have you ever wondered who fills up the water coolers each day?  What do you do with the portable baskets?  We have an amazing staff of four who attend to these needs.  On the hottest of days, they refill and add ice to our three water stations three times a day.  They move six portable baskets onto the courts at 8:30 am and then move them back into a safe confined space at 3:30 each afternoon.  This is no easy task as each hoop weighs over 200 lbs.  Luckily, they are on wheels.  These are the same guys who help serve lunch and clean up the cafeteria when our campers are finished with lunch.  Our camp would not run smoothly without their dedication to the camp.  Thanks fellas!

And thanks to Noel Muyskens, our Executive Director.  Noel has been with MVP Basketball Camp since 2006.  Noel has announced that he is going to retire as Executive Director at the end of the year.  But he is still committed to the camp and its mission; Noel plans to join the Board of Directors and to keep the camp moving forward.

Let us know if you’d like to join the hard-working staff at MVP.  (You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer and a high school graduate to coach. )

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