Here’s to Our Coaches!

It was great meeting and getting to know the coaches at MVP Basketball camp! They have been an essential part of the camp’s success over the years. They foster such a positive and competitive environment at camp. I have only been here for four days and I can already feel the energy and camaraderie between teams.  These coaches love coming back year after year to support this wonderful cause. They even argue with each other over who has been here the longest!

Coach Ben Williams has been working with MVP for nine years. He enjoys working with children each summer and says, “The kids keep me young at heart!” He is not only a proficient basketball player but a football player as well! For all you athletes, whatever your sport is, Coach Williams says, “Continue to work hard and when your opponent is sleeping, you better be out there practicing!!”

Coach Jason Basso has been with MVP for nine years. He coaches all weeks at Bedford and White Plains. He is the commissioner for the B1 division, also known as the “Big East”. For him, as it is for many other coaches, “Basketball all day is awesome!” His advises young athletes to “Come to the court with a positive attitude; work hard, pay attention and have fun!”

Coach Tim Jenkins has been with MVP for twelve years! He is the commissioner for the B3 division, also known as “NBA East”. This year he is also Assistant Camp Director. When he’s not coaching his team, he enjoys catching up with his kids, asking about their progress during the school year.  He says, “MVP is an extended family you don’t see but once a year.” He says, “Don’t settle with one sport; sample different sports until you find two or three that you will always remain with.”

Coach Tyrone Carver has been with MVP for thirteen years! This year he is also Assistant Camp Director. He also enjoys meeting and working with children.  He was first introduced to MVP by John Nemsick, MVP’s camp director, when Nemsick was his coach at Sleepy Hollow High School! He says, “This camp provides kids with an unbelievable experience to meet other children and learn from some of the greatest coaches in the area!”

This environment is very new to me since I do not play basketball, but watching these talented coaches work with their teams is a great experience. This has already been an exciting start to my summer!

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