MVP Basketball Camp Sponsors

We are very grateful for the assists we get from a growing list of corporations, small businesses, foundations, and private donors. Please join them in support of our ever expanding Youth Development Scholarship Program

Gold Sponsor

HSS Westchester
Backyard Sports Cares


Silver Sponsors

Westchester Knicks
Peckham Industries



"Make the Assist"
Alley Oop Level

The Ford Law Group

Jim and Sue Kelly
Richard and Allision Rosenberg
Lauren and Craig Nossel
MJW Fund
Jonathon Lewis
Peter and Marnie Gelfman
Westchester Community Foundation
Joe and Sandy Samberg
Holly Sherr
David and Fay Paget
Entergy Coporation
Rosenthal Family Foundation

"Make the Assist"
Blind Lookaway Level

Matt and Kim Kaplan
Ann and Robert Brown
Robert Goldsmith
Greg and Kim Netland
Patricia and Herb Lessow
Alps Management

"Make the Assist"
Outlet Pass Level

Jessica Ettinger
Noah Applebome
Judy and Michael Luskin
Jeffrey and Susan Goldenberg
Ruth And Andrew Suzman
Rodney and Barbara Keteyian
Ann Muyskens
Noel Muyskens
Cindy and Robvert Greenstein
Backyard Sports
BYB Accounting Firm
Ryan Atkinson
Alidon and Marino Radovich
Johannah Townsend
Angela and Kevin Waterhouse
Gillespie Erksine
Bill and Gay McCreery
Michal and Sherri Halperin
Arielle Jachman
Jeff Samberg
Kiki and Mark Hoffman
Clarissa Lefkowitz
Tracy and Michael Nathanson
Fiona Silver
Lou and Allison Wallach
AM Skier
Walgreens Drug Stores
Joanne and Frank Blatz
Mark and Karen Segall
Bonnie and William Waldron
Cherry Bunzel
Joph and Isabel Steckel
Robert and Bobbie Falk
Lynn and Scott Edelstein
Adam and Julie Paget
Mary Blum
Ron and Kathleen Steinman
Abby Plotka
Gingie Greene
Hillary Mager