2016 Skills Academy

July 5 - 7: at Resurrection School in Rye, NY
For ages 11 - 16 only

Philosophy of the Program

For the second consecutive year MVP is offering a program during the shortened holiday week that tips the balance towards hard work and skill development while making sure its still a fun and rewarding camp experience. Learning from last year's experience running programing for the first time at Rye Resurrection School, MVP will limit enrollment to just 100 total participants during these 3 days vs. the 144 that enrolled last summer. This will ensure that the two air-conditioned gyms are maximally utilized and that campers don't spend too much time on the two outdoor courts during hot days. 

We're are generally encouraging boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16 to have A.A.U. experience if not J.V. or Varsity experience, but we'll certainly accept a strong player with only a background like C.Y.O. or Town Rec if they're keen on skill development. Rye families who have basketball-loving boys and girls that are not ready for or interested in this skill-intensive week can now take advantage of drop off and pick up in Rye for the June 26 - 30 week that offers our "traditional" program for boys and girls ages 6 - 16 

During the Skills Academy, MVP's most experienced coaches will work on individual skills and team concepts plus offer a lot of one-on-one feedback. Unlike a normal MVP week, there will be no teams created the first day. All players within each division will wear the same color MVP T-shirt and pinnies will be used for scrimmaging.  

How the Boys and Girls Are Organized 

The boys will be broken out into two separate age groups, with the older group being generally 14 - 16 year olds. Some younger boys may be asked to play up if they are ready. The girls will generally stay together as one group but may be broken out by age during particular clinics.    


Key Elements of the Program

Great for AAU, JV, and Varsity players
• 3 groups based on age, sex, and ability
• Strong focus on drills
• Scrimmages rather than games
• Plenty of fun contests
• Featuring MVP's most experienced