2019 Skills Academy

July 1 - 3: at Resurrection School in Rye, NY
For boys and girls 10 - 16 only

Philosophy of the Program

For the fourth consecutive year MVP is offering a Skills Academy for "experienced" 10 - 16 year old players during the shortened holiday week that tips the balance towards hard work and skill development while making sure its still a fun and rewarding camp experience. With July 4 falling on a Thursday, we've offering a three day Skills Academy program prior to the start of the long holiday weekend.

How do we defined "experienced?:" Many of the boys and girls will have A.A.U. experience if not J.V. or Varsity experience, but we'll certainly accept a strong player with a C.Y.O. or Town Rec background if they're keen on skill development. Please feel free to call (914) 946-1231 for more information about the skill level requirements for this camp.

For the Skills Academy, MVP's most experienced coaches will work on individual skills like shooting, ball handling, rebounding, and defensive stance.  In addition team concepts including motion offense, pick and roll, fast break, man-to-man and zone defensive schemes will be introduced. All players within each division will wear the same color MVP T-shirt and pinnies will be used for scrimmaging.

How the Boys and Girls Are Organized

Boys and girls will practice and scrimmage together  this year, but there may be times when the girls will be given separete instruction more suited to the women's game. There will be three divisions roughly based on age but also skill level will be factored into the equation. The starting point will be groups for ages 10 and 11, 12 and 13, and 14 - 16.

Key Elements of the Program

Great for AAU, JV, and Varsity players
• 3 groups based on age, sex, and ability
• Strong focus on drills
• Scrimmages rather than games
• Plenty of fun contests
• Featuring MVP's most experienced