Scholarship Awards

MVP Basketball Camp Scholarship Award Guidelines

MVP limits full scholarships to one week per child and all families must provide documentation of income to prove financial need. Scholarship recipients are entitled to pay for additional weeks at $300 per week instead of $425 or $300 instead of $360 for the four day camp week, which represents MVP cost per camp week without factoring in any year-round overhead.

Applying For a Basic Award Based on Family Income

This year MVP will have a firm deadline of June 15, 2020 to apply for a scholarship. Awards are limited to one full week at no charge for families that meet MVP's income guidelines, provided that the child can also secure a positive recommendation. This recommendation can be a letter from a principal, teacher, coach, or counselor at school, or a verbal recommendation from one of the social service agencies that refer campers to MVP

Applying On-line:
Scholarship applicants may use MVP's online registration system. At the end of the process, instead of paying, click "Paying offline or applying for a scholarship" and then follow the online directions to mail or fax documentation of family income and the camper's recommendation. You will be contacted about the status of the scholarship once these additional submissions are received:

Applying Off-line:
You may prefer instead to print and fill our all-in-one 2-page scholarship application and fill it out by hand.  The completed form can be mailed to 75 S. Broadway, White Plains, NY 10561 or faxed to (914) 380-6745:

2-PG SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONMVP_application_scholarship 2020_FINAL3

Hoops for Troops Scholarships

Hoops for Troops award candidates do not need to provide documentation of family income. Simply use MVP's online registration system and follow the online directions to mail or fax application and notate that you are applying for a Hoops for Troops Scholarship. Also, please provide the name of the immediate relative currently or formerly serving in the Armed Forces, and the relationship of this relative to the prospective camper. These scholarships cover one full week of camp and additional weeks can be purchased at the special price of $300 each.

20 in 20 Awards

MVP has now served more than 20,000 children and granted more than 5,000 scholarships. The vision of Stan Greene, the founder of MVP Basketball Camp, was honored again in 2014 with the presentation of the the "20 in 20 Awards." MVP gave plaques to twenty special people who helped MVP Basketball Camp flourish for its first twenty years in Westchester County.

For MVP's 20th anniversary, both the County of Westchester and the City of White Plains issued proclamations honoring MVP's work in the community. County Executive Bob Astorino wrote, "as it celebrates its twentieth anniversary, MVP Basketball Camp and all those that serve this noble organization are truly deserving of our reverence and appreciation to the athletic and personal development of youth in Westchester County, New York."

Former Knicks All-star Allan Houston spoke at the "20 in 20" awards celebration. He called MVP Basketball Camp "a very special place where children gain confidence that they can take back with them to the classroom."