Hoops for Troops

In 2005 MVP Basketball Camp launched its Hoops for Troops Scholarship Program to give children with an immediate family member in the U.S. Armed Forces the opportunity to attend camp at no charge. The number of deployments throughout the world continues to grow and the need has never been greater. Donors may choose to contribute specifically to this scholarship fund.

Here are some testimonials from the parents of "Hoops for Troops" scholarship recipients:

“I received a letter from my son today that told me how much fun he is having at your camp. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to us when someone takes the time and effort to do something special for our families while we’re over here. This is a fulfilling and important career, but it comes at the great sacrifices of separation from our families. Knowing that programs such as yours are doing so much for my son makes being away from home a little easier to live with.” - Father of a “Hoops for Troops” scholarship recipient stationed in Baghdad during the Iraq war.

“I can’t thank you and your Hoops for Troops program enough for providing my children with a wonderful opportunity to attend MVP. Haille has decided to go out for basketball this year which is really big! She had tried it once before and didn’t do well, but after attending MVP her confidence has soared. Noah got some tough love from one of his coaches at the end of camp and ever since then  he has been a different kid, trying his best at everything. Romyer Adams, mother of Haille and Noah Adams

“I appreciate and applaud MVP’s efforts from the front line of liberty and justice in our constant fight against those forces that are determined to destroy our way of living."  - Skylar J King, father of Skylar J King II

Meet Brandon Tavaras

Brandon Tavaras, pictured above with guest speaker Allan Houston, attended MVP Basketball Camp for four years thanks to a Hoops for Troops scholarship, Brandon took advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow while at MVP, so it is not surprising that he jumped up to ask a question of the former Knicks All-star.

Brandon's mother, U.S. Army Staff Sargent Ligia Rosa, has done three tours of duty in Afghanistan. As a single mother with a teenage boy back in the states, she truly appreciates what MVP's Hoops for Troops program has been able to offer her son.

Brandon is an exceptional student with a dream of playing college basketball. We have no doubt that Brandon will pay back the generosity of donors to MVP's Hoops for Troops program ten-fold as he develops into a contributing member of society. We believe, as does his mother, that his experience at MVP has helped to shape him.