Camp Address (please do not mail anything to this address)

Highlands Middle School
128 Grandview Ave.
White Plains, NY 10605
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MVP Basketball Camp Mailing Address:
MVP Basketball Camp
75 S. Broadway
White Plains, NY 10601

About Highlands
Middle School

Highlands Middle School has been home to MVP Basketball Camp for more than 25 years. This beautiful campus first started hosting MVP Basketball Camp the year that Pat Riley's Knicks lost to Allan Houston in the NBA Championships. Since then, MVP's fortunes have grown, although the same cannot be said of the Knicks! The number of outdoor courts at Highlands is unmatched by any other facility in the area and allows MVP to run a uniquely large and vibrant camp. Air conditioning has also been added to the auditorium for weekly awards ceremonies and to give campers a place to cool down and enjoy videos & guest speakers throughout the summer. Large shady grass areas, tents and misting fans will also be utilized outdoors. Highlands also features two full-size indoor gyms with beautiful wood floors and glass backboards.