Boys Basketball Camp Programs Boys ages 9 – 16 years

9 - 16 Boys Basketball Camp Programs

2018 Schedule for older boys 9 and up ( For boys 6 - 8 see "Co-ed 6 - 8 Year Olds")
June 25 - 29: Ages 9 - 10 at Rye Resurrection, Ages 11 - 12 and 13 - 16 at Eastview Middle School in White Plains. Free busing from Rye Resurrection to White Plains leaving at 8:45 each morning and returning to Rye by 4:00.

July 2 - 3 and July 5 - 6: "Skills Academy" in Rye, NY. Choice of attending either 2-day session or all 4.
For experienced players ages 11 - 16 only. Two age groups. 
First two days: I
ndividual skills. Last two days: Team skills (offensive sets, defensive concepts)      

July 9 - Aug 3: 4 separate one-week sessions in White Plains. Boys 9-10, Boys 11-12, and Boys 13 - 16  

Philosophy of the Program

The Boys Program strikes the ideal balance between hard work that develops skills and game-play and contests that keep the kids coming back for more. The oldest division (ages 13 - 16) will be the most competitive, introducing the skills and work ethic required to be successful at the varsity level. For all age groups, we stress learning fundamentals, practicing seriously and playing enthusiastically all while having fun.

How Boys Ages 9 - 16 Are Organized 

During each 5-day camp there will be three age groups for boys of all abilities: boys 9-10, boys 11-12, and boys 13-16. Age is just a starting point; we evaluate every camper the first morning for proper placement. Parents of less experienced 13 year olds may wish to start their boys in the lower division.

MVP's 4-day "Skills Academy" is different, featuring just 11 - 13 and 14 - 16 age groups for fairly strong and experienced players. As a general guideline, campers enrolling for the Skills Academy should be above average performers in local Rec. leagues at a minimum. Many will already have AAU or JV/Varsity experience. 

You can choose any/all weeks that fit into your summer schedule. New balanced teams are created in each division every Monday (except for the Skills Academy) for game play leading up to a Friday playoffs and big award ceremony. Multiple week discounts are available. We accommodate requests for no more than two boys to play together on the same team in the two younger divisions only, and only if parents are sure this is necessary to make first-time campers feel comfortable.

Key Elements of the Program

  • Drills run by experienced coaches
  • Fun daily contests
  • League games lead to weekly playoffs
  • Development of team concepts
  • Emphasis on good sportsmanship
  • Varsity prep in the oldest age group
  • An awards ceremony like no other you'll find at a basketball camp
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