MVP Summer Staff

The success of the camp really falls on the people who are working with the campers day in and out.  They make the biggest difference in the camp experience.  Each week we have between 18 and 22 coaches working with our campers.  They are comprised of college and high school coaches / teachers; college players / students; and a few recent high school graduates.  Over half of these coaches have been with the camp for longer than ten years.  We have eight staff members who were campers in their youth.  They are here because they LOVE the camp and what it stands for!

Have you ever wondered who fills up the water coolers each day?  What do you do with the portable baskets?  We have an amazing staff of four who attend to these needs.  On the hottest of days, they refill and add ice to our three water stations three times a day.  They move six portable baskets onto the courts at 8:30 am and then move them back into a safe confined space at 3:30 each afternoon.  This is no easy task as each hoop weighs over 200 lbs.  Luckily, they are on wheels.  These are the same guys who help serve lunch and clean up the cafeteria when our campers are finished with lunch.  Our camp would not run smoothly without their dedication to the camp.  Thanks fellas!

And thanks to Noel Muyskens, our Executive Director.  Noel has been with MVP Basketball Camp since 2006.  Noel has announced that he is going to retire as Executive Director at the end of the year.  But he is still committed to the camp and its mission; Noel plans to join the Board of Directors and to keep the camp moving forward.

Let us know if you’d like to join the hard-working staff at MVP.  (You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer and a high school graduate to coach. )

Scholarships are part of our mission!

Since our inception in 1994, more than 25,000 children have attended MVP Basketball Camp and more than 6,000 have received full scholarships. No deserving child has ever been turned away simply due to an inability to afford camp tuition.

MVP’s mission evolved from the belief that in our increasingly fragmented society it is more and more difficult for children from different socioeconomic backgrounds to meet and share an experience together. “MVP” typically stands for “Most Valuable Player,” but at this camp “MVP” signifies “Most Valued Person” because there is so much more to basketball, and for that matter to life, than being the high scorer. MVP uses basketball to teach goal setting, fair play, leadership, perseverance, and hard work in order to make the most of each camper’s individual talents.

This summer, MVP once again, brought in over 300 campers on scholarship.  During our June 25th week, 66 campers came to us from three organizations.  The Theodore D. Young Center in Greenburgh, Abbott House, and Jefferson Elementary School in New Rochelle, supplied the 66 deserving young campers along with bus transportation to and from their sites.  During the week of July 23rd, 40 campers from Mount Vernon’s Boys and Girls Club, the NewFlex Hoops team, and Off the Streets came up from Mount Vernon and a group from the Coachman Center in White Plains also took advantage of our scholarship program.  Three more groups from Yonkers participated in our last week at camp.  24 children from the Andrus Center, Hostos, and KICs took advantage of our scholarship program.

In total, MVP provided 313 weeks of scholarships for Westchester children this summer.  Our scholarship children are not the only beneficiaries of these experiences.  Parents of tuition campers value that their children are getting a “worldly experience” so close to home.  They are making friendships that could not be made just in their immediate community.

Summer ’18 Recap

550 pizzas.  Over 2000 burgers. 40 gallons of Gatorade.  These are just some of the numbers compiled at MVP Basketball Camp this summer.  However, we take greater pride in the following:  1012 campers participated in basketball camp activities during our six weeks of camp.  For the 24th year, MVP Basketball Camp has served the families throughout Westchester County to provide fun and quality basketball instruction for children from 6-16.

Our summer started on June 23rd with split camps at our Rye and White Plains sites.  Resurrection School, in Rye, hosted our Juniors, Girls (9-13 years old) and Boys 1 (9/10 year olds) divisions.  Our Boys 2 (11/12 year olds) and Boys 3 (13-15 year olds) worked out of the Eastview School in White Plains.  The campers in Rye took advantage of the two air-conditioned gymnasiums as they rotated through one outdoor court.  Rye High School Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Jon Aquilar spoke to our campers about his basketball experiences and took them through some varsity drills.  In White Plains, our older boys worked through the heat (though indoors) to improve their games, while making new friends.  Ronnie Nunn, a long-time friend to MVP, addressed the campers about his basketball experiences refereeing in the NBA for over 20 years.

During the 4th of July week, MVP held an intimate camper experience by holding two, two-day clinics.  The first clinic emphasized individual skills that each player could develop to make themselves better.  During the last two days, campers worked on team play as they worked on the two-man pick and roll and team defenses.

On July 9th, our entire camp moved to the Eastview School in White Plains.  [We were displaced from our “home”, the Highlands School, because of renovations in the district.]  The Eastview School has two large gyms and outdoor courts that we were able to modify to fit our camp needs.  We added three outdoor courts to the existing two permanent structures.  In our four weeks in White Plains, we managed one heat wave with two days of temperatures in the mid 90s.  Our trainer, Amanda, carefully surveyed our campers and advised us of mandatory shade breaks and constant water breaks.  Although many campers wanted to keep playing (where do they find the energy?), we limited our playing time.  Often, rain and thunderstorms broke the summer heat.  While we enjoyed a reprieve from the heat, we were limited to two gyms and had to be creative with our scheduling to try to maximize playing time.  Luckily, we were able to find another gym at the School of the Holy Child.  During the days that forecasted continuous rain, we bused campers down the road four miles to this site.  There, campers enjoyed continuous playing time.  This also opened up space at the Eastview School for the rest of the camp.

We have three goals for our campers each week:  have fun, be safe, get better at basketball.  We hope we provided an atmosphere where this was attainable.  Thanks for being part of our summer.  We look forward to seeing you again either in Rye or White Plains (Highlands School) in 2019 as we celebrate 25 years of camp!