What’s New in 2018

2018 will feature the same great coaches and guest speakers, the same fun contests and game play, and the same awards ceremony at the end of each week where special achievements are highlighted and every camper is recognized as a ‘Most Valued Person.” But there will be a few changes that will help MVP keep it’s reputation as the best sports camp in Westchester:

  1. Rye Resurrection School will again host camps at the end of June and during the July 4th holiday week. The holiday week offering will be slightly different in 2018. With July 4 falling on a Wednesday, our annual Skills Academy for more experienced 11 – 16 year old boys and girls we will feature a 2-day Academy July 2 – 3 that focuses on individual skills, and then another 2-day Academy July 5 – 6 that is centered on team concepts, both defensive and offensive. Parents may choose either or both sessions.
  2. There will not be a camp in Northern Westchester. We will split our June 25 week between Rye and White Plains this year instead of Rye and Bedford, with the co-ed 6 – 8, girls 9 – 13, and boys 9 – 10 in Rye and the boys 11 – 16 in White Plains. There will be busing back and forth between the two schools.
  3. MVP will move its White Plains venue from the Highlands Middle School to the Eastview Middle School. Unlike Highlands, where one of the inside gyms is very small, Eastview features two gyms that are both large enough for cross-court play, thereby increasing the indoor capacity by 25%. Outdoors we’ll feature newly resurfaced courts and a few brand new portable baskets to compliment the existing courts.
  4. Older girls ages 9 and up will again have the choice of playing in their own separate division during our June 25 week and during our skills academies in Rye, or playing in co-ed divisions during our White Plains weeks. Last year’s trial of four fully co-ed weeks in White Plains was very successful for more experienced female players. It is our recommendation that girls 9 and up who are relatively new to the game should choose the June 25 – 29 week.

What To Bring, What We Provide (Yogurt compliments of Dannon)

Hoops for Troops

Whether you attending a camp in Rye or White Plains, use this checklist to make sure you are prepared for a fun-filled week of basketball!

  • Medications: MVP’s certified athletic trainer will collect any medications every Monday morning. When you drop off your camper, please come inside to drop off the medication and sign a consent form for the trainer to administer the medication if need be.
  • Sunscreen: All age groups will be outside for a portion of the day at all our camp locations this summer, although no age group will be outside more than half the day and in some locations certain age groups will only be outside for short periods of time. It will be important for children to be protected when they are outside. Our trainer will have sunscreen on hand if necessary.
  • Attire: Campers should attend the first day wearing shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt. The first Monday of each weeks all camper will receive two MVP team t-shirts for wear the rest of the week.
  • Water bottle: Campers should bring a water bottle with their name on it to minimize the need for cups. Campers will have access to water stations on the sidelines of game areas. You are welcome to send other drinks and/or snacks as well if you choose.
  • Snacks: MVP provides lunch each day, but it is optional whether or not you’d like to send you camp with additional snacks. 
  • Lunch Program: The plan is for this program to be the same as in past years but it is subject to change as we get closer to camp:
    • Monday: Plain pizza
    • Tuesday: Pasta and sauce (no meat) – may vary by week
    • Wednesday: McDonald’s burgers
    • Thursday: Plain pizza
    • Friday: Italian subs, choice of ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, turkey no cheese. Mayo and mustard on the side
    • We’ll put out Dannon yogurt and bananas for those who want them.
    • We have refrigerators for brown bag lunches if you prefer, but no microwave.
    • Gatorade will be served with lunch
  • What not to bring:There are no lockers and MVP cannot be responsible for anything brought by the camper. This includes cell phones and other electronic devices. Campers leave their bags all around the campus and we have had incidents of phones going missing, so we encourage you to consider letting our staff handle communications between you and your campers. You can call us anytime at (914) 946-1231.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Boys Basketball Camp Programs Boys ages 9 – 16 years

Best Camp Pictures

Pictures from MVP Basketball Camp

Here are some of the best MVP Camp pictures from years past. Click on any picture to see the full image and then you'll be able to use the forward and back arrows to scroll and the play button to view as a slideshow.

MVP’s “One Word Answer” Video

We asked campers what one word came to mind when they thought of MVP Basketball Camp. Watch their responses in this brief video. We think it substantiates our claim that MVP is not just a place for fun and games (although there is plenty of that!) It’s also a place to develop life skills that can translate to the classroom and beyond.


Tee It Up Fore Kids

As the cost of renting great facilities rises dramatically, MVP basketball Camp has to find new ways to support it’s large scholarship program without raising tuition on paying campers. So MVP Executive Director and avid golfer Noel Muyskens is launching MVP’s first golf outing at the prestigious Fenway Golf Club in Scarsdale, NY, along with the support of board members and friends in the Westchester Business Council.

If you like to play golf, you’ll love this A.W. Tillinghast design located less than two miles from MVP’s primary summer facility. The event will kick off on October 11, 2017 with lunch at 11:30 and end with a happy hour including awards and a brief presentation on MVP’s mission. 2017 will mark the 23rd year for the camp and the 10th consecutive year with more than 300 scholarship weeks awarded to under-resourced children.

Please follow this link to sign up for our Tee It Up Fore Kids event.


What’s New in 2017?

2017 is here, and the leadership and coaches at MVP couldn’t be happier. The renovations at our main facility are finished and we are anxious to reap the benefits. Here are the changes that will impact MVP’s award-winning basketball camp in this, our 23rd season:

  • News about our White Plains weeks: Our main four weeks in White Plains will be hosted exclusively at Highlands Middle School from July 10-Aug. 4. (No secondary Delfino Park location this year)
  • News about our Rye and Bedford locations: Rye Resurrection and Fox Lane High School will be the host sites for our early June 26 full-week camp. Boys 9-10, Co-ed 6-8, and Girls 9-13 will be in Rye, while the Boys 11-12 and 13-16 divisions will be in Bedford. Parents can use either site as the drop-off and pick-up location for all campers. A bus will leave Rye at 8:25 each morning to go to Fox Lane, and then pick-up northern Westchester kids at 8:50 to go to Rye. At the end of the day campers in Rye will be dropped back at Fox Lane by around 4:05, and then campers at our northern facility will get back to Rye around 4:35.
  • News about our Rye “Skills Academy:” This camp for motivated and experienced 11 – 16 year old boys and girls will take place July 5 – 7 during this holiday week. We will hold the line at 100 campers total to ensure plenty of practice time for all, and outdoor courts will be utilized as well as the air-conditioned gyms.
  • News for female campers: We still offer programs for girls of all abilities ages 6 – 16, but the choices vary by week. All five-day camps can accommodate girls ages 6 – 8 in our co-ed group. Only our first week, June 26 – 30, will feature a girls-only division for 9 – 13 year olds of all ability levels. Only our three-day Skills Academy will feature a girls-only division for experienced 11 – 16 year olds. During our final four weeks, July 10 – Aug. 4 in White Plains, experienced female players will be placed in the appropriate boys age group if they wish to be challenged in this way, but MVP will not offer a separate division just for older girls.

Best Pictures – Rye Week 2016

Here are some of the best MVP Basketball Camp pictures from the 2016 Rye Skills Academy that took place the week of July 5 – 8 for boys and girls 11 – 16. Click on any picture to see the full image and then you’ll be able to use the forward and back arrows to scroll and the play button to view as a slideshow.

Ping Pong Madness 2017

MVP Basketball Camp is all about fun programing for kids, and even the annual fundraiser to support camp scholarships is tailored to the whole family. Think golf or bowling outing except its organized around a paddle and a ping pong ball. And who doesn’t love ping pong?

Famed New York Times Crossword Puzzle editor Will Shortz hosts this event at his world class Westchester Table Tennis Center in Pleasantness, NY. This year’s date is Friday, March 31 from 6:30 – 10pm. Play all night if you like, and join one of our tournaments if you want to compete for prizes, or just hang out where the food and drinks are served and meet the great people who run this award-winning basketball camp.

You can also meet a few of the kids you benefit through your support of this event; some of the three hundred under-resourced campers who receive an entire week of summer camp at no cost through MVP’s Scholarship Program.  Our founder Stan Greene was fond of saying, “The world may be better because you were important in the life of a child.” Today I think we can take that one step further. “Tomorrow’s adults may be better because you were important in bringing together children from vastly different economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.”

Tickets for the event are $40 for adults, $20 for children, or $100 for an entire family. The event will feature silent auction and raffle items. Even if you can’t attend the event, consider sponsoring a child, buying our “Make the Assist” clothing, or jumping into our NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge for just $10 per bracket (must be in by noon on March 16). All these items can be bought at one site:


Best Pictures – Highlands 2016

Here are some of the best 2016 MVP Basketball Camp pictures from the four weeks at Highlands Middle School for co-ed 6 – 8 year olds, girls 9 and up, and boys 13 – 16. Click on any picture to see the full image and then you’ll be able to use the forward and back arrows to scroll and the play button to view as a slideshow.

Best Pictures – Delfino Park 2016

Here are some of the best 2016 MVP Basketball Camp pictures from the four weeks at Delfino Park for boys 9 – 12 plus a few of our best female payers who payed with the boys the final week. Click on any picture to see the full image and then you’ll be able to use the forward and back arrows to scroll and the play button to view as a slideshow.